Top 10 Godess Durga Best Hd Images And Description

Maa Durga is the most energetic goddess in hindu . She is worshiped by all hindus all over the world . Goddess durga has various forms and each form has its own special energy named : maa sarasvati , maa kalka , maa bala , maa amba , maa gayatri , maa sanjivani , maa tripura sundari etc . godess durga is the mother of universe and believed as the power behind the work of creation , preservation , and destruction of the world . Maa durga is mentioned in many scriptures : Taittareya brahman , Yajur veda , Vajasaneyi samhita .
  Triyambake is also reffered to Maa durga like lord shiva , means the third eye goddess . The third eye represents knowledge [fire] .
  Maa durga is seen seated on a lion . This lion represents power will determination . godess parvati is considered as a complete incarnation of adi parashakti [godess durga] .
   The actual period of worship is nine days of navaratri which is celebrated all over india . All the hindu girls celebrate this navaratri in the form of garba playing in the form of Maa Durga .

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