Top New Wallpapers Of Golden Temple Amritsar History And Location 2014 .

The golden temple is the most beautifull place in india . It is an sikhim mandir , which is situated in amritsar [punjab] . This temple if fully made up of real gold , the beautiness of this temple remains forever in the every peoples eyes who went at that place . This place is also known as harmandir sahib , which was officially named in march 2005 . Golden temple is the major pilgrimage for sikhs from all over the world . Not only the sikhs , But all the people who went their feel the spritual blessing of guru nanak . Golden temple is remarked in memory of every human who seen this place . At night when the candles [ deepak or diya] are placed near the temple ,then the beautiness and shinning of the temple is likely to be seen . It is a very amazing peacefull place . This is an divine spritual place for every visitors , the visitors are oftenly invited at this place from all over the world . Most people went their to vanish out their problem as they feel the divine blessings of guru sahib.

History Of The Golden Temple Amritsar :

Construction of the Golden Temple began in 1574 on land given by the Mughal emperor Akbar. The building project was overseen by the fourth and fifth Sikh Gurus. The temple was completed in 1601, but restoration and embellishment continued over the years. The temple had to be substantially rebuilt after it was sacked in the 1760s. In the early 19th century , 100kg of gold were applied to the lotus shaped dome constructed inside the temple . 

 Location :

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