Top Wallpapers Of Jwalamukhi Devi Temple Details And Location 

Details Of Jwalamukhi Devi Temple 
Jwalamukhi is the famous temple of maa jwala the goddess of fleming mouth , the shrine in this temple is regarded as a maha shakti peeth , it is believed that the tounge of sati devi fell here . the jwalamukhi devi temple is situated in the city jwalamukhi in kangra district . the king of kangra raja bhumi chand katoch , dreamt of this sacred place and sent of the people to find this site . after the trace of maa jwalamukhi location , raja bhumi chand situated a temple on the location . jwalamukhi devi temple is located on a very beautiful location holding the silver gates , pinnacles and a gilt dome . under the dhauladar range . In this temple there is a copper pipe through which natural gas comes out and the priest of the temple lights this . No idol is located in this temple . maa jwalamukhi is worshipped in the form of flames , which comes out from the rocks . in front of the temple there is a small platform and the king of nepal is hung presented a brass bell above the mandap situated in front of the temple . in the form of worship milk , water and ahhutis are offered to the sacred flames in the the temple . and as according to the hindu religion bhog's of mishri , rabri , milk , fruits are offered to the goddess . In a day , five times aarti is performed and a lesson of wholy powered durga saptashati is recited once after the aarti . 

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Location Of Jwalamukhi Devi Temple

                      jwalamukhi devi temple is located on the shimla road which is 20km away from jwalamukhi road railway station . the temple is located on a small dharamshala . jwalamukhi temple is situated on the elevation of 2000 ft . 
City : jwalamukhi 
District : kangra
State : himachal pradesh , INDIA .

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