Top Wallpapers Of Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple Srisailam Location And Details

Mallikarjuna temple is also called srisailam . This is a jyotirlinga of lord shiva and divine shaktipitha of brahmarambha devi .This place is a jyotirlinga out of 12 jyotirlinga . This is only a common place in india where jyotirlinga and shaktipitha are together placed . This is a very divine and peacefull place . Here both the divine power of shiva and shakti [parvati] are together placed . the temple is situated in a open natured place many of the coconut trees are placed near the temple . Most of the visitors comes here to feel the divine spritual power and most of them comes to see the shaktipitha situated here . It is a good place for holiday trip . These place is in kurnool approximately 230 km from hydrebad . If you are thinking to come here then this is the correct choice . Their are many beautiful places situated near mallikarjuna temple which you allcan see , one of them is patalganga ropeway a bird eye view of lake formed by srisailam dam , another place is nandi shikhar - highest point of srisailam .

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here lets check out some best images of mallikarjuna temple :

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