Techniques For How To Decorate And Paint Mobile Case Cover ? How Mobile Case Cover Can Look Amazing And Fantastic.

How To Decorate And Paint Mobile Cover Case
Ghost Rider Painting On Mobile Cover Case

Hello everyone, Now not to waste your time in searching your favorite printed mobile cover or case. Because now you self can draw your favorite printed paintings on your mobile cover or case with some easy techniques.

First question which comes in mind is that, How the color will remain permanent on mobile cover ? It can be wash off. But not to worry, Acrylic color is the best option to draw paintings o mobile case. Because acrylic color will remain permanent on your mobile cover. Also it will not wash off through water.

Now take your best and favorite printed matter which you wanted to keep on your mobile case or cover. Then with the light pencil draw the sketch of printed matter.

Now take out very small scale painting brush you have, Then with the help of acrylic color try to draw the outline of your sketch then fill the full painting with the acrylic color.

How To Decorate And Paint Mobile Cover Case
India National Flag Painting On Mobile Cover Case

Here I have also painted to mobile cover first is of our "National Flag" and second is one of your favorite super hero "Ghost Rider"

In the making of National Flag, I have also followed the same rules which i stated above. And for the second painting of Ghost Rider, I created it directly with the help of acrylic color. 

First I draw and painted his head and then colored the fire around his head with the help of yellow, red and orange color. And after this i colored his coat.

One more thing is that when your painting gets over then wait till cover gets dry then steam it slowly, watch out that cover does not get burn, take the help of elders or perfect ones to steam the cover and also note that steam the cover only on the painted area.

How To Make Flame Or Fire ?

Fire or flame can be painted with the combination of yellow, red and orange color. First paint the curves with the help of yellow color, then follow the same steps with orange color and red color. try this steps in the full area of you flame and you will see the result of realistic painted fire or flame.

So follow the above steps and create your own favorite mobile cover case and enjoy with your own creativity. 

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