New Suzuki Hayabusa ABS Review 2017. Watch Out Specification, Price, Firstlook, Colors Available, Launch Date And Top Speed Of This New Super Bike.

Suzuki Hayabusa ABS
Suzuki Hayabusa ABS


Hayabusa is one of the most fastest and attractive bike from a long time ago. High, Higher, Hayabusa - this machine is the epitome of the high-performance motorcycle. For the first time, presented for the turn of the century, the motorcycle world was astonished. As far as possible at all, the Hayabusa was carefully optimized and its imposing character was further sharpened. As a result, racing enthusiasts are not only going to get their knees up in the corners, but they are also fascinated by the spectacular power, outstanding speed, silky smooth driving and overwhelming presence. Because the Hayabusa is the ultimate sports machine and will always be. In the development of the Hayabusa, Suzuki took a heavyweight boxer as a model - muscular and yet surprisingly agile. Although the driver rarely gets the full power of this machine, their unrestrained power reserves and their light-footed power unfold sovereignty in an inimitable manner.

Colors Available For New Suzuki Hayabusa ABS.

  • Glass Sparkle Black.
  • Pearl Glacier White.

Kayaba USD fork

Hayabusa comes with Spring preload, compression and rebound of the USD fork from Kayaba can be precisely adjusted to the respective driving situation. Thanks to the friction-reducing diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating of the inner tubes, the fork sensitively responds to the smallest road irregularities. This ensures deep ground contact and the driver receives a better feedback. The spring travel is 120 mm.

Suzuki Hayabusa ABS
Suzuki Hayabusa ABS

Legendary four-cylinder

The athletic 1.340 cm³ four-cylinder of hayabusa ABS is exceptionally strong. He accelerates the Hayabusa completely effortlessly. And the driver and the social. The modern design includes the SDTV gasoline injection with two injection nozzles per cylinder in a drop flow arrangement. Controlled by their 32-bit computer. Four titanium valves per cylinder and two overhead hollow camshafts. The forging pistons are extremely robust.

Optimized aerodynamics

The aerodynamics of the engine were optimized in comprehensive wind tunnel tests so that the performance of the legendary unit can be fully exploited. The streamlined shape makes the fascinating look of the Hayabusa. It protects the driver from driving, and has a positive effect on acceleration, stability and fuel consumption.

Price Of New Hayabusa ABS.

  • Price: 14 Lakhs [approx]

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