Lexus Introduced Its New Luxury Seven Seater SUV, Lexus RX 450h L in US. Watch Out Its Price, Specification, Images.

Lexus has just introduced the new Lexus RX 450h L, a new premium luxury SUV in US and other places, that is the arrival on the market of the first model of seven seats of the brand, but maintaining the traditional elegance of Lexus.

The maximum exponent within the range SUV of Lexus , known like RX 450h , receives a new body 11 cm longer to be able to receive a third row of seats and thus be able to lodge a maximum of seven passengers in its interior. This new version of seven seats luxury SUV, called RX 450h L , will reach our market in May, although the brand already allows orders to be placed at dealerships. It is the first Lexus with so much interior capacity that arrives in Europe.

With this elongated body - the total length reaches five meters - the trunk with five unfolded seats grows from 539 to 828 liters , while with the three rows of seats set, the figure is reduced to 211 liters. A seven-seater Audi Q7 declares 770 and 295 liters, with a length of 5.05 meters.

The third row of seats has its own air conditioning and the seats drop 50:50 through an electrical system, which is very comfortable especially when it comes to having to upload them.

With regard to the mechanical section, the hybrid system is composed of a 3.5 V6 combustion engine that is combined with two electric propellers -one for the front and one for the rear, which allows to have all-wheel drive-, a generator, a battery and an electronic control unit that manages the whole. In total, the driver has 313 CV; this allows the RX 450h L to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 8 seconds with an average consumption that will be similar to that declared by the five-seater RX 450h -5.5 liters / 100 km-.

Security and equipment

The new Lexus SUV features the Lexus Safety System + safety system, which includes the pre-collision (PCS) and pedestrian detection system, lane change detector (LKA) with assistance of the address correction, automatic activation of the road lights (AHB) and cruise control adaptable to all speeds. For the highest finishings, the blind angle monitor (BSM) is also available with a panoramic view monitor (PVM), intelligent parking sensor (ICS), and the rear traffic detection system (ATCM).

With regard to multimedia and technological equipment, the RX 450h L 2018 includes a standard audio system including an eight-inch screen, AM / FM radio, Bluetooth audio, voice recognition microphone, microSD card slot, a auxiliary mini-connector, two USB ports and twelve speakers. In addition, it incorporates the first multimedia divide screen of the 12.3-inch , high-resolution market, which offers a full-screen navigation map and can provide simultaneous access to audio or climate controls, as well as to various systems.

Prices of the Lexus RX 450h L:
RX 450h L Executive: 95082.24 US Dollar
RX 450h L Executive Tecno: 103500.98 US Dollar
RX 450h L Luxury: 118174.84 US Dollar

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